INTRA’s therapeutic riding fulfills its primary purpose

by improving the health and well-being of challenged and disabled children and adults, resulting in improved functioning and independence,

as well as reducing or eliminating the effects of illness or disability.


Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding is a human/horse experience that provides and facilitates a treatment modality in a variety of ways that encourage physical, cognitive, and behavioural improvement. These include increased strength and flexibility, improved motor skills, promotion of speech and cognitive reasoning, as well as building relationships and social skills.

INTRA’s therapeutic riding benefits two main groups of riders:

  • Children & adults with physical and mental disabilities
  • Soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • At-risk youth.

Instructor Training

 INTRA provides and facilitates special courses that include:

  • Diploma courses (one year+) for Therapeutic Riding Instructors with certification from the Equine Science Studies
  • Diploma course for Western Riding Instructor with certification from the Equine Science Studies
  • Hippo therapy workshops and therapeutic riding clinics
  • The Path International Accreditation, USA.

Workshops and Clinics

INTRA also offers workshops and clinics for those not seeking instructor training. These include:

  • Equine studies, offering school learners new career opportunities and 5 points in their National School Matriculation
  • Vocational training for youth & adults
  • Israel Equestrian Federation SHERI Program for horsemanship
  • Summer camps to improve riding capabilities
  • Special educational programs for learners from other educational institutions.

Other Activities

  • Sports Riding: Sports Riding consists of motivating horseback riding activities, whose goals are to develop riding skills and good general health.  These activities offered through varied programs in an outdoor classroom are designed to develop equine and cognitive skills for all challenged equestrians, improving concentration, communication and cooperation.
  • Social Awareness Activities including:–  Volunteer programs for overseas students — Volunteer programs for the challenged — Social club for the traumatically injured — Educational center and club house —   Volunteer social life, summer barbecues and other events.

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