In Loving Memory of Valentine

Valentine you were both strength and beauty to so many challenged and disabled children at
INTRA. You were one of INTRA’s most popular horses, working daily giving riders lifechanging
experiences. You taught your riders patience, love and trust. You helped physically
disabled children fuse their challenged bodies into your movement making it possible to learn
new ways to move. You taught your riders to coordinate, communicate and cooperated.
Valentine you facilitated pure trust and joy and helped so many children at risk cope with the
demands of institutions and school life.
Sharing our grief and in her memory, INTRA announces today that it will launch a project to
support as many as possible of Valentines challenged children and adults she helped through
therapeutic riding. This will take us beyond goodbye. It will honour a most precious member
of INTRA- Israel National Therapeutic Riding Centre team, and all the amazing work she did
helping many thousands of challenged children and adults through equine assisted activities
and therapy.

Valentine / Cuddles lived in Israel in 2007-2018. She was a
beautiful Palomino Quarter Horse of famous parentage. She was
half-sister to Shimshon. Because of the nurturing rides that Valentine
gave the children, they also call her Cuddles. Even though she has
been fully trained and could do reining, sideways movements and go
backwards, she has devoted her life to taking care of challenged
riders at INTRA. Valentine showed our challenged riders that she
had all the same feelings that they have. She could feel tired, hungry, bored, and thirsty. This
helped the children relate to her. When they saw that she could overcome her moods and still
perform properly, then they were motivated to do the same. The children said her ride
was magic.