Ride On – Campaign to Raise 50,000 US Dollars

Dear Friends,
On behalf of INTRA’s staff, clients, volunteers and horses, thank you for your continued support and generous donations to our therapeutic riding program. This past year your contributions have made it possible for more than two hundred challenged children and adults to receive equine assisted activities and therapy.
You have made it possible for these challenged and sometimes marginalized people with physical, psychological, emotional and social problems to be empowered and cope with everyday real-life issues.

One group who benefits from your support are IDF veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress, and physical injuries that occurred during active service. Each week, these veterans come to INTRA and engage in activities with our horses that have life changing effects.
Since beginning equine therapy, they report that they have begun sleeping at night, are coping with flashbacks, engaging in positive conversations, and working and managing many other life issues. On their behalf, we thank you and hope that you will continue to help more of our soldiers who devote their lives to keep us and the land of Israel safe.




This young girl who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, with severe physical disability, has become totally empowered and motivated by her horseback riding therapy at INTRA. Her self-confidence and self-esteem have risen, she feels the same as other little girls of her age, as she can also ride lovely ponies. Carrying this  confidence to her school and at home, she finds focusing on studying easier, she is happier, stronger, and even attempts to walk. Thank you for helping her and making this possible for her and many others.







Many at-risk children live in Israeli institutions until the age of eighteen. Their time at INTRA, with our amazing therapy horses, provides them moments of fun and peace, helping them develop a much-needed sense of trust, caring and
confidence, making it easier for them to interact with others, especially at school. Horseback riding at INTRA provides the frame and opportunities to learn how to self-manage, organize, care and respect others. Currently there are 65 children in
this situation coming to INTRA, and twenty-five severely disabled children. We thank you, our supporters, for helping to support this program.




RIDE ON Campaign to Raise 50,000 US Dollars
Each year, after Yom Kippur INTRA embarks on its end of year campaign. Its goal is, to provide equine activities and therapy to as many challenged and disabled children and adults as possible. This year we would like to
expand the program by adding a further 100 challenged children and adults, especially veterans, severely disabled children and at-risk children. To be able to do this INTRA needs to raise $50,000. This will allow us the ability to
support people who are unable to pay for the service or can only pay in part, ensuring essential resources to:


● Maintain our world-class programs for challenged and disabled riders
● Develop INTRA’s innovative social, educational programs for Veterans of the IDF
● Care for our highly trained horses
● Maintain the highest standards possible for our extraordinary and dedicated staff
● Support needy families who cannot afford to pay for equine assisted activities and therapy
● Preserve and enhance our beautiful and unique therapeutic riding center


We hope that once again you will ​join us​ to support the family of INTRA. We would love you to come and see INTRA in action. Come and have a coffee and watch the healing work of INTRA’s horses and therapeutic riding instructors. With your support we can continue to impact the quality of care for this community in our Israel.

To schedule a visit with us, please call us at: INTRA Office: 09- 866- 6305,
General Manager: Yotam Sheffy: +972- 54 447 9099

Best wishes,
To donate please visit our website – ​http://www.intra.org.il/?page_id=50865


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Thank you!