INTRA Celebrates Passover 2019

Israel Veterans with PTS

Since Pesach last year, 12 veterans struggling with depression, physical injuries and PTSD receive equine assisted activities and therapy (EAA/T). All report that EAA/T is having a positive impact upon their symptoms and is improving this helping them to reestablish and repair their lives.

Adults Challenged by Addiction

Eight adults challenged by addiction are coming weekly to INTRA. Traditional addiction treatment often involves medical detoxification, rehabilitation and group and individual therapy. INTRA’s innovative EAA/T is different, as it focuses on interaction and bonding with horses. The horse provides immediate feedback and given opportunities for learning and trust-building. INTRA’s non-threatening setting develops trust, between the addict, horses and practitioners. In this healthy non-judgmental environment, they can rebuild confidence without fear of criticism.

Children At-Risk

Each week, 60 At-Risk Children come to INTRA for EAA/T. INTRA staff partnering with horses uses active learning strategies to facilitate human horse bonding. In INTRA’s non-threatening environment these children are able to positively meet their psychological, emotional and behavioral challenges.

Children and Adults with Physical Disability

Twenty-five children and adults come to INTRA each week with physical disabilities. EAA/T enhances physical, emotional, social, cognitive, behavioral and educational skills. Riding horses provides unique neuromuscular stimulation in rhythmic motion, mimicking our life-giving human movement of walking. The horses adjustable gait promotes pelvic motion while promoting strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and confidence.

INTRA Horses

Meet some of the 10 magnificent INTRA Horses


There are 11 dedicated hard-working practitioners who wish you all Chag Sameach, and a happy and joyful Pesach (Passover) 2019.

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