IDF Veteran

with PTSD

Shortly after I got to INTRA I understood that I am surrounded
by the most understanding and empathic people who made me feel that I am good the way I am and that I can be myself without any masks. The smell of the horses made me feel home again and being around
these magnificent gentle giants made me feel safe again. You can tell immediately that the horse knows how you feel and he reflects it, so you get a nerve mirror that allows you to adjust yourself in order to get into an inner balance...The horse riding doesn't stop when you go home and its influence runs inside like a wave helping
me to study after the riding, enabling me to feel better and helping me
sleep since the riding sensation keeps rolling inside my nervous system
and helps me to relax and by that to get some sleep.

Three Horses

"B", rider with

General Anxiety Disorder

After the riding I feel different, my whole being is totally changed and even my walk is not the same.  My back is straighter.  I feel lighter and have more energy… it seems like I have become another person. I have become more open and outgoing, my self-confidence increased, my posture got better…In the past I had a fear of escalators, and mixed with my elevator phobia it really restricted me in everyday life. After the fifth riding lesson I went to the mall, where the escalator was no longer frightening to me, today I enjoy going up and down them at every chance I have. I feel like this is my place, my soul feels at home.

Anna, mother of rider with Autism Spectrum Disorder

My son, now six, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was three years old. He's extremely intelligent , which makes it harder for him to find his place in this world. He doesn't know how to communicate. I'd heard about therapeutic riding, that INTRA is an amazing place..You could say that from the moment we got here six months ago, we began to see a change. It's a miracle farm, in my opinion. The way I see this therapy, it defines boundaries. He knows he's riding a horse, he's the boss. And on the other hand, the horse sets boundaries, by being responsive and communicative. I really love the way he's advancing, socially, emotionally, and with the riding.