Some of our riders with disabilities require a horse leader and side-walker to help them remain safe and balanced during lessons. Volunteers can assist in both of these roles. Leaders keep the horses at a safe and even pace while side-walkers help by either supporting the rider or assisting the instructor. Volunteers may also help riders with challenges mount and dismount their horse according to their needs. Note: Volunteers in the program must be over sixteen years old. 


Our horses and their facilities require constant care. They are prepared for lessons and cooled off when finished, they are cleaned and brushed daily, their feed is prepared and served three times a day, and their stalls are cleaned every day. Volunteers of all ages are welcome to take part in these daily equine care tasks. 

"Taking care of the horses, brushing, washing and feeding them gives you back the confidence that you can be responsible for someone else and for yourself as well."


  • Helping with fundraising

  • Participating in public relations and social media campaigns

  • Assisting with administrative duties

  • Special event planning

  • Educational programming

  • Anything else that needs doing!

To learn more about volunteering, contact us.


Volunteers are an integral part of the INTRA community. We have volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds, and we are always happy to make a match between a volunteer's interests and abilities and the ranch's needs. By volunteering, you can learn more about horses and ranch life, get a chance to ride, meet new people, and have fun!

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